Beef Brocoli

Beef broccoli Filipino stir-fry recipe...

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    Pork Dinuguan

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    Pork Dinuguan or Pork Blood Stew is a Filipino food recipes mainly comprised of pork meat. This Filipino recipe is best to prepare in celebrating special occasion or ...

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  • fresh-lumpia-sp

    Fresh Lumpia Recipe

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    Fresh Lumpia is a desert made with savory fillings wrapped in very thin pancakes made from eggs. This recipe is perfect for side dish in your special occasion ...

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  • pancit-palabok-sp

    Pancit Palabok Recipe

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    Pancit Palabok is another Filipino noodle recipe specifically rice noodles cooked in boiling water and drained, then topped with a thick red-orange sauce flavored with shrimp and/or smoked ...

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  • letche-flan-sp

    Letche Flan

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    Leche flan is a Filipino recipe version of crème caramel that is usually served as side dish or desert for Holiday season. Easy to prepare yet so delicious ...

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  • chicken-tinola-sp

    Chicken Tinola

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    Chicken Tinola is a very authentic Filipino recipe which is a ginger and onion based soup. Best prepared as a lunch or dinner in a cold or rainy ...

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